Monday, June 25, 2012


1. this tunic from topshop. wow.
Made to Order Hand Embroidered Initial Necklace  Made to Order Hand Embroidered Initial Necklace
2. these initial embroidered necklaces from etsy

3. the fujifilm instax mini camera. i waaannntttt one!

4. this ring i found at an antique store in fremont. it fit perfectly and is exactly what I've been looking for forever. *swoon*
Image of Solitaire necklace Image of Catena Leather Bracelet
5. this website
Black Cross Browline 1950's Eyeglasses G Man Zyl Silver Aluminum Mirror Temple Large Size 48/22 by Bausch and Lomb
6. this killer pair of vintage readers on etsy. or any vintage eyeglasses really.

7. this skirt from modcloth

8. gilmore girls. as always. I love Jess too ;)

9. I actually love Chemistry Cat so much.

10. these shorts. I don't actually know where they're from, but I found them on tumblr. so in love.

BONUS: I couldn't edit down, so I decided to include all 11 things
HAND with Heart - ORIGINAL ARTWORK  printed on Repurposed Vintage Dictionary page -Upcycled Book Print
11. these book page prints from etsy. this person is a genius!

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