Hi. My name is katie, I'm sixteen years old and am a Seattle native. I love painting, drawing, photography, cats, clothes, music, anything vintage, and traveling. I'm allergic to gluten (and technically dairy too), I love to read, and I usually hate capital letters (except for 'I').

This is a place where I am (hopefully) going to express myself and blog about what I love.

What equipment do I use? 
As much as I am in no way an amazing photographer, this is what I use:
I shoot with a Sony a390, and I generally use my 55mm f1.8 lens (my baby! Oh, and a disclaimer about that -  I still haven't perfected my focusing skills on this lens. It has a very short depth of field, so sometimes only a person's nose or left eye is in focus. I'm still learning! Apologies in advance for somewhat blurry photos). On occasion, I use my kit lens if I don't want to be super zoomed in. I also use my parent's old Polaroid, although that rarely happens. If I edit photos, I just use Photoshop CS4 and mess around until I make what I like. I also recently found a working old Minolta film camera at Goodwill, but still haven't purchased film for it... hopefully that'll happen soon...

Thanks for stopping by!

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