Sunday, November 11, 2012


For this post, I was wearing something super comfortable and random. I wanted to post this mostly because this skirt is a new addition to my closet, and I'm in LOVE with it. I literally wear it with everything. My favorite is wearing it with my black baggy pull-over sweater, boots, and a black and white scarf. Or a button-down chambray shirt. Actually anything with this.

But for this one, I hadn't worn the good-ol' Mickey shirt in a while, so I figured... why not? Play with what you have, and you could be happily surprised.

Top/ Disney World, Skirt/ American Apparel, Shoes/ Nordstrom Rack, Clip/ Vintage

I also think hi-tops are some of the best shoes in the world. I found these on sale years ago, and they're really funky because they're actually a Paint-By-Number pair, with the corresponding colors inside. I'm really tempted to paint them and see what they look like...

It's been getting pretty chilly here. That was probably the last time I can get away with wearing just a shirt and skirt without a heavy sweater or something. But hey, I LOVE sweaters and coats so that's just fine by me.

Enjoy your weekend (and Veteran's Day).

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