Thursday, November 15, 2012


This week has been... stressful. To say the least. My high school is putting on our play this weekend, and we've been in intense tech week for the past two weeks. However, I'm still here!
I'm back to featuring some good (or, what I think is good) music. This week, I want to show off The New Pornographers. I've known of this band for years, but never checked them out because the name intimidated the middle school me.

Don't let the band name fool you.

This music is amazing. I love every single one of their songs, although my absolute favorite is Crash Years.
The Canadian (which I did not know) band has been around since the very late 90's, and fun fact: from 2000 to 20006, every album has had at least one song in the billboard top 40 (thank you Wikipedia!)


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