Friday, October 19, 2012


1. This dress from ModCloth. Quite possible candidate for my school's winterball?

2. This necklace from Topshop. So many possibilities with this little beauty...

3. I am OBSESSED with this jacket.

4. This gorgeous typewriter from Etsy. So expensive, but... *drool*

5. Colorful ombre hair. Maybe considering doing a similar pink treatment to my hair...? ;)

6. Anything and everything from brilliant illustrator Noelle Stevenson, aka Gingerhaze. (check out her tumblr too, so amazing).

7. This very exciting sweater. I mean, why not?

8. ... and this sweater, while I'm at it!

9. Roy Lichenstein's pop art. Such a classic, how could you not be obsessed? I'm really digging pop art and big graphics at the moment.

10. These super cool asymmetrical earrings from Love Nail Tree. (and... everything else on that website...)

So there you have it! A very random collection of everything on my current 'window shopping' list.



  1. Hey there I Just started my blog, and I clicked on a hyperlink of moonrise kingdom and it brought me to your blog Then I saw the roy lichtenstein photo and couldn't believe my eyes, that's what I'm being for Halloween.

    1. Seriously?! I'm in LOVE with his prints. That's a really awesome idea for a costume. I may have to do that in the future... ;)
      Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm just starting (or... restarting) as well