Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It's that time again! And this time around, I have a lovely little story to go along with this fine track.

This week, I'm featuring The Horrors.  I only just learned that this band even existed.

Long story short, I was in a little shopping center with my friend, buying coffee at 9:30 (lord knows that was a bad idea - too much caffeine for me, I'll say) just as the stores were closing. We hopped into Claire's (you can find some pretty cool jewelry for really good prices!) and began perusing.

The lady at the checkout counter noticed my shoes (docs... as usual... ), and we struck up a conversation all about Doc Martens and how comfortable they are.  Eventually, we started talking about music and she recommended this band to me. I really wish I could thank her somehow - I've really enjoyed their stuff. It's way different from what I normally listen to, but it's really chill and very interesting.


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